Tylenol Multimedia Ad Campaign & Brand Management


During my senior year of college I took an Advertising Copywriting class. Each student was required to select a household product for a semester long project where we would research the product and its competitors, formulate a copy strategy, create and conduct a survey for primary research data, and combine these elements to create a multimedia ad campaign.

Note this was a class project and was not completed on behalf of Tylenol or Children’s Tylenol. The Tylenol name and logo are trademarks of McNeil Consumer Healthcare.


After reviewing the results of the survey I conducted, I decided to alter my strategy. The survey found that parents’ buying decisions are not directly influenced by advertisements aimed directly at them. However, parents are more likely to purchase children’s medications based on recommendations from trusted sources. Therefore, it makes more sense to target the people that have the clearest amount of influence on parents’ decisions, pediatricians.

Placing these ads in regular magazines would be far too inefficient for ensuring that a large number of doctors see the ads. It would be better to place them in magazines that would be primarily read by doctors and/or pharmacists. I used Amazon.com’s magazine subscription page to find medical magazines and read user reviews to better understand the type of person that would read the magazine. Taking this into consideration, I believe the following magazines would be best: Journal of the American Medical Association, American Family Physician, and US Pharmacist.

Medical journals tend to be overrun with overly dry and verbose prescription drugs ads. To have my ads stand out, I decided to make them simple in design with a bit of light humor. The premise of the ad is medicine tastes bad, so kids don’t like to take it. Enter Children’s Tylenol with Flavor Creator, add flavor crystals to the medicine to make it taste better, you’ll have no problem getting your kids to take it. The ad’s message is:

– Less of this (problems getting kids to take medicine)
– More of this (kids playing or taking medicine without a problem)
– Thanks to this (Children’s Tylenol with Flavor Creator )


Secondary research, primary research (survey),and multimedia advertising campaign (three print ads, radio ad copy, and television ad copy)

Children’s Tylenol Ad Campaign Research & Strategy (PDF)
Children Tylenol Radio Ad (PDF)
Children’s Tylenol TV Ad (PDF)