The ARCHIVE Institute Promotional Poster


The Archive Institute was in need of promotional posters aimed at increasing awareness and motivating college students to become involved with the organization and within their communities.


The completed poster was supposed to convey that health and housing, while sometimes viewed as being at odds could and should work together. Given that the posters would be placed in offices on college campuses, there was a need to stand out while delivering the organization’s message without being overly serious. I decided that it would be most effective to have a very interesting graphic which would draw eyes to the poster and then lead individuals to the text.

I began by identifying easily recognizable symbols of health (stethoscope) and building (hammer). To convey the idea of these two symbols/ interests getting to know each other and becoming familiar I came up with the idea of portraying them as being on a date. Two alternatives of the poster were created, one with a red heart (to reinforce the idea of love between these two symbols) and the other a green heart (to represent the environment and sustainability).


Art direction, copywriting, graphic design, & image editing/ manipulation.


“Natasha is a consummate professional. The creative lens through which she works clearly affords her the ability to think critically and carefully about tasks. Her design work for Archive was stellar, as was her style for conceptualizing, articulating and delivering the final project. I would certainly recommend her without hesitation and look forward to working with her again.”

Peter Williams
Founding Director