ReLIT NY Website Template and Logo Redesign


ReLIT NY liked some aspects of their previous branding efforts but wasn’t fully satisfied with their logo and website.


The project began with gathering marketing research data to create customer profiles which were then used to guide the redesign. The original website was built with Dreamweaver but to allow for easy updates, the redesigned templates were built with HTML and CSS. Both the redesigned logo and templates were influenced by the color scheme of the original branding elements. The designs shown here were further edited by ReLIT NY.


Art direction, graphic/ web design, marketing research analysis, HTML & CSS coding.


Our burgeoning nonprofit, ReLIT NY, desperately needed a professional new logo and website. I’m happy to say Natasha not only met but exceeded our expectations. She helped to target our message and her design was clean, effective and engaging. Not only is Natasha a great designer, but she is also manages her time exceptionally well and is very professional. I highly recommend Natasha to any organization, company, or individual seeking a website or brand designer who will be sensitive to their specific needs.

Lisa Helfrich,