Natasha N. McEachron Brand Identity


Create a brand identity which would visually convey my approach to design and the work that I could do for others.


It all began with a business card. I realized that while people may not immediately look at your card when its handed to them, they always feel it. With this in mind, I decided to create a card using heavy cardstock and letterpress printing that would feel different than the majority of other business cards. Given that so much of the card’s personality was in the way it felt, I decided to keep the visual design very simple. The logo was partially based on the “N” of my signature and represented my dedication to simplicity and effectiveness.

The “clean” black and white design was carried over to the website to ensure that photographs and designs featured on the website would remain the center of attention without having to visually compete with the website’s design. I chose a dark red to indicate links to avoid the default link style while still ensuring that they would be easy to recognize. The black and white design with red links was then carried over to my email signature, newsletter, and other digital properties to maintain consistency.


Art direction, copywriting, graphic/ web design, marketing research analysis, HTML & CSS coding.

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