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In 2014, I visited the Museum of Modern Art to view an exhibit of Jacob Lawrence’s The Migration Series. I found the pieces to be very inspiring and went in search of more information about The Great Migration. My research led me to books such as The Warmth of Other Suns by Isabel Wilkerson. I wanted to discuss the books and moments from history that I was learning about but didn’t have anyone in my personal life that I felt would be interested in these subjects.

I’ve always believed that Black history is a part of global history and shouldn’t be confined to the shortest month but rather studied and celebrated all year. It became my goal to share what I was learning and to place special focus on lesser known Black notable figures and historical facts. My hope was to motivate and inspire others with these things that were motivating and inspiring me.


A few years later I created Noire Histoir to produce multimedia content that would feature historical profiles and motivational stories from across the Black diaspora. I wanted to offer people the option to consume content in the medium of their choosing so all of the major content is available as blog posts, podcast episodes, and YouTube videos. The company and its content are primarily promoted via social media and email marketing.


At present, Noire Histoir is a one-person operation. Excluding an interview series that featured other people, I’ve researched, written, and produced all of Noire Histoir’s content. I research and write all of the historical profiles as well as read and watch all of the books and movies that are reviewed. I select and setup all of the recording equipment and then record, edit, and upload the podcast episodes and YouTube videos. I use my graphic design skills to create the images for social media and take the photos that are used for the travel guides. I also setup and designed all of the products that are in the Noire Histoir e-commerce (Shopify) store.


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