Book Review: Designing Brand Identity

Do you lie awake at night trying to wrap your mind around the differences between “branding” and “brand”? Or maybe you need help explaining the differences and creation process to others? (I’m going to assume that you replied with an emphatic “Yes!”.) Then “Designing Brand Identity” by Alina Wheeler would be perfect for you.

An Introduction to Branding

I’m creating a collection of papers, presentations, and YouTube videos to serve as an introduction to branding. The first article is “Brand, Branding, & Brand Identity…What’s the Difference?” and can be found in the new Resources & Media section of the site.

Email Marketing & Newsletter Resources

Resources for creating and distributing your own email marketing campaign. While you’re at it, you can also signup to receive my monthly newsletter.

Starting or growing a business? Here are some resources…

I meet a lot of aspiring and current entrepreneurs and figured that instead of emailing this list of resources to individuals it would be a better idea to make it available on the internet and continuously add items as I find them.

Book Review: Stationery Design Now!

Stationery Design Now! is a collection of 350 stationery and identity designs by many design firms for a variety of companies from around the world. After reading Stationery Design Now! I think it should be added to the reference library of any designer or marketer but it’s also worth reading at least once for entrepreneurs, managers, etc. The book contains a lot of inspirational examples of how brand identities can be extended to and create a real impact on stationery (and other materials) that might otherwise be taken for granted.