Brand Case Study: Brooks Brothers

Established in 1818 in New York City, Brooks Brothers is the oldest men’s clothing brand in the United States. Founder Henry Sands Brooks defined Brooks Brothers guiding principle as: “To make and deal only in merchandise of the best quality, to sell it at a fair profit only and to deal only with those who seek and are capable of appreciating such merchandise.” Brooks Brothers is famous for introducing ready-to-wear suits to America and also for creating the classic polo button-down shirt. The company opened its current NYC flagship store which is located at 346 Madison Avenue in 1915.

Branding Case Study: Audi

In 1899 August Horch established A. Horch & Cie in Cologne, Germany and the company released its first car in 1901. Within less than five years the company’s success necessitated an issuance of shares to finance its expansion. Following a dispute with the supervisory board Horch left the company to start a second car company. However, he lost a legal dispute over his ability to use “Horch” in the new company’s name so as an alternative renamed the company “Audi”, the Latin translation of his name which means “hark” or “listen”.

Lindt: A Brand Built on Chocolate, Truffles & Excellence

Lindt is regarded as a luxury chocolate brand enjoyed by or gifted to people who are passionate about chocolate. Here is a case study of the current Lindt brand identity.

An Introduction to Branding

I’m creating a collection of papers, presentations, and YouTube videos to serve as an introduction to branding. The first article is “Brand, Branding, & Brand Identity…What’s the Difference?” and can be found in the new Resources & Media section of the site.

Adieu (Current Iteration of) Limelight Marketplace

The building that houses Limelight Marketplace has been home to a church and 80’s nightclub. In its most recent iteration, it functions as a mall which houses a few luxury shops and dining establishments. Earlier this year, a few websites mentioned that Limelight Marketplace would be converted into a single store. Whether or not this […]