1. The Info Session
Prior to the creation of an estimate or the start of a project I collaborate with clients to complete the NNM questionnaire. The purpose of this step is to establish an understanding of your needs, timeline, and budget. Upon completion of this session, we should be able to assess if there is a good fit and make a decision about if we’d like to move forward with the project.

2. Paperwork & The Creative Brief
The information gathered from the questionnaire is formalized and used to develop the estimate, contract, and creative brief (blueprint that guides the project’s creative development).

3. Research & Brainstorming
Beyond the information that you provide in the info session, I perform additional market research about your industry, history, and competitors. I then take all of my notes and begin formulating ideas and concepts that could possibly be used for the project.

4. Design
I brainstorm and work testing various ideas and concepts eliminating those that are not a good match until only the strongest idea remains. This idea is then taken into design programs and further refined until it’s ready for presentation.

5. Presentation & Refinement
The strongest idea and the logic behind design decisions are presented to the client. Following the presentation, the client provides feedback and if necessary edits/adjustments are made to the design.

6. Production
Depending on the agreement terms, the final design is given to the client as a digital file or forwarded to a commercial printer.