National Gallery of Art

In 2010 I visited the National Gallery of Art while on vacation in Washington, DC and took advantage of the opportunity to take some travel photographs. The museum houses rooms (and rooms) of art, two garden courts, and a beautiful rotunda. I spent hours merrily walking through the museum, snapping photos along the way but left about half way through the second floor in search of lunch.

Visited the Smithsonian National Portrait Gallery…left disappointed

I strongly prefer sculptures over paintings. However, last spring while visiting Washington, DC I took a chance and added the Smithsonian National Portrait Gallery to my list of places to visit. I have an interest in history and reasoned that in spite of the museum housing mostly paintings, the historical content would be worth the visit. My mom and I arrived with moderate expectations about an hour before closing figuring that we’d move quickly through the museum and it wouldn’t be a big deal if we didn’t get to see everything. We ended up leaving the museum disappointed.

Making moves at The Met Museum

I like some art but I love museums. I visited The Metropolitan Museum of Art for the first time on a sixth grade field trip. I liked the museum but didn’t take much of an interest in the art and only left with vague memories of Ugolino & His Sons.

Who shot the Brooklyn Museum…I did

In January 2010 I visited The Brooklyn Museum while the “Who Shot Rock n Roll” exhibit was on display. I couldnt take any pictures of the exhibit (it was great) but I shot a few photos in other parts of the museum. The museum houses a great collection of Rodin sculptures on the first floor. If you’re ever in Brooklyn you should stop by.