Branding Case Study: Audi

In 1899 August Horch established A. Horch & Cie in Cologne, Germany and the company released its first car in 1901. Within less than five years the company’s success necessitated an issuance of shares to finance its expansion. Following a dispute with the supervisory board Horch left the company to start a second car company. However, he lost a legal dispute over his ability to use “Horch” in the new company’s name so as an alternative renamed the company “Audi”, the Latin translation of his name which means “hark” or “listen”.

Spire Press Brochure

Created a brochure which served as a price list for Spire Press Brochure’s available titles.

Active Compassion Transforms Brochure

Brochures aimed at increasing awareness of Active Compassion Transforms and raising donations.