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“BrandSimple: How the Best Brands Keep it Simple and Succeed” is a book about branding written by Allen P Adamson a Managing Director at Landor Associates.

1. The book is organized into branding basics and five steps for building a successful brand. Each principle / step is followed by supporting case studies. You can read through the book to learn branding theory and work through the strategic questions to assess and strengthen your brand.

2. One of the best case studies would be BlackBerry which is no longer valid. Contrasting Blackberry’s current troubles vs. their winning past as detailed in the book reinforces many of the principles stated in the book and serve as a cautionary tale of staying true to your brand.

3. Step 5 which presents case studies about the ways in which different brands use branding signals seems to be a bit disjointed. However, its one of the best chapters of the book.

4. My only complaint (which is fairly minor) would be that the book’s case studies are heavily comprised of Landor projects. This is somewhat expected as the author is a Managing Director at Landor and books of this nature tend to rely heavily on examples from whatever companies the author has worked for. However, I would have preferred to have examples pulled from a wider array of branding companies.

I think this would be a great book for Brand Managers who would like a refresher or a new perspective. It could also be useful for Marketing Managers and business owners that need a little help with creating or refining their brand.

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