Lindt: A Brand Built on Chocolate, Truffles & Excellence

The Lindt Story

In 1879 Rodolphe Lindt invented the “conche”, a machine that was able to produce a delicately flavored melting chocolate that was of superior quality compared to its peers. Lindt was later purchased by the confection company Sprüngli and experienced the highs of the 1900-1920’s along with the lows of 1920-1945. In 1949 the Lindor truffle was developed, followed by the Lindt Excellence gourmet chocolate line in 1989. Today Lindt is regarded as a luxury chocolate brand enjoyed by or gifted to people who are passionate about chocolate.

Side note: It’s quite possible that their 5th Avenue store in NYC is the best smelling place on Earth.

The Lindt Brand Identity

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