Knocking about J Mart in Flushing, NY

I was in Flushing earlier this week and came across New World Mall. I actually wanted to visit the food court that Anthony Bourdain and Andrew Zimmern visited on their shows but it was cold, I had forgotten my gloves at home, and checking my phone would have meant taking my hands out of my pockets. Out of pure laziness curiosity I decided to go in and knock about for a bit.

My first stop was the food court, it was interesting but I already had a sandwich in my bag that I was looking forward to devouring on the train. I plan to make another trip to properly explore the food court and maybe get something to eat.

Next stop was J Mart which turned out to be a very pleasant surprise. J Mart is a fairly large supermarket featuring primarily Asian groceries and housewares. My mom and I are currently in the midst of an unofficial competition (which I’m winning) to find healthy and interesting foods so I snapped a few photos with my phone’s camera to document my latest find.

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