Interview with John Jantsch of Duct Tape Marketing

I had the opportunity to see John Jantsch of Duct Tape Marketing speak on a social media panel at the 2011 NY XPO for Business. He was gracious enough to take part in a quick follow-up interview a few weeks later.

John Jantsch of Duct Tape Marketing

John Jantsch of Duct Tape Marketing

Q. What inspired you to create the Duct Tape Marketing Small Business Marketing System (2002) and Authorized Consultant Network (2004)?

Years of working with small business owners and trying to figure out how to help them in an efficient and scalable fashion.

Q. We constantly hear about the various inexpensive marketing tools and resources for small businesses that have been made possible by the internet. Do you think that there is still an unmet need for effective and affordable marketing solutions for small businesses?

I suppose if you look at the things that are the hardest for small business owners to master or get done by others you could find unmet needs – things like content creation, SEO and smart social media participation.

Q. Many small business owners manage their own marketing when they’re first starting out. What criteria would you recommend they use when considering the adoption of a new marketing strategy or tool to ensure that their efforts and funds will be used efficiently?

Will it help you do some of the things you already know are working – better. Will it free up your time to focus on your highest payoff activities.

Q. What good and bad signs should a small business owner be on the lookout for when they reach the point where they are considering hiring an external marketing consultant or company?

Good – do they have a consistent, proven methodology for helping small business
Bad – do they talk tactics without talking strategy first

Q. With the launch of Google+ (G+) over the summer, there was a lot of talk about what it would mean for the future of social media and search. However, the network is still in its infancy and future features and possibilities are anyone’s guess. In “Duct Tape Marketing” you promoted the idea of establishing a solid strategy before developing tactics or selecting tools. For small business owners who are already using or considering social media, would you recommend that they get involved with G+ now or take a wait and see approach until things are more settled?

I think you can’t ignore Google+ simply because it’s Google driven. So, at the very least build out a company profile and make the most of the real estate Google is giving you. You might also start visiting Google+ to get a feel for the kind of content people are sharing and if you see any immediate value. As part of an overall content marketing strategy you should spend the most time where your current customer are.

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  • Natasha,

    I also attended the 2011 NY XPO for Business and found John Jantsch’s speech to be FULL of practical and easy to implement ideas for small business marketing! Good Interview!!

    Casey Stillman

    • Hi Casey,

      Thanks for visiting and for the comment. I completely agree, the information that was shared during the social media panel was one of the best offerings of the XPO. I hope they have more panels and/or Q&A’s at this year’s XPO.


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