Interview with Yvette L. Campbell of The Harlem School of the Arts

I met Yvette L. Campbell, President & CEO of The Harlem School of the Arts at Fast Company’s “Big Bang Design Event” which was held at Aloft Harlem. Prior to the event, I had never heard of The Harlem School of the Arts but I was intrigued by the brief story of the school’s history and it’s upcoming plans. I followed up with Ms. Campbell and she gave me a tour of the school and spoke with me in greater detail about the school’s past and future.

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An excerpt from the interview:

NM: The school has a well designed brand identity that is consistent across the organization’s website, course catalog, and social media profiles. What importance if any do you place on consistent branding?

YC: “…It was critical to me that people saw the quality in the brand and the quality in what we were offering. Everything we printed had to be perfect because today everything is emailed, its graphic, its online. But when you decide to print something it should be beautiful because no one reads, no one picks up physical things and reads them any more unless they are art. So everything I print, everything that we produce, is produced by one person in-house and its vetted by the entire senior staff so that we’re always sending out the same message…”

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