They lied. What happens in Vegas ends up on the web.

In 2008 I took a short Las Vegas vacation to celebrate my mother’s birthday (she likes the slots, don’t ask). I took a few snapshots at attractions, made half hearted attempts between bites at buffets (which I love), but my favorite subjects were the hotels.

Most of the hotels along The Strip feature a theme which begins with their exteriors and continues through the interiors, attractions, and restaurants. The late June/ early July heat was intense and shots were mostly taken during mad dashes to find shade or air conditioning. However, bright sunny days with postcard blue skies and minimal clouds gave the glass structures a nice shine and cast shadows in just the right places.

I’d like to return with my DSLR to experiment with the option of exercising more control over the camera settings. I am also convinced that I never saw a water fountain during my stay and I have become determined to settle this suspicion.

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