Canon Camera Lens Coffee Mug

A few months ago I came across a contest with a prize of coffee mugs which looked like Canon camera lenses. As an avid photographer I really wanted to win a mug but alas it wasn’t meant to be and I couldn’t find the mugs online. While browsing through my RSS reader I came across a slideshow of innovative coffee mug designs and a link to the Photojojo Store where the mug was available for purchase. The clouds parted, angels sand, and thus another photography gadget was added to my Christmas list.

From the product description page:

“The 24-105mm black lens has a realistic lens-cap lid with rubber-grip focus zoom rings. It even has an auto-focus switch that actually switches.

The 70-200mm white lens has a liquid tight travel lid and a rubber-grip bottom to keep it from sliding on your dash. It looks a lot like your Canon L lens – so please don’t put coffee in your *actual* L lens”

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