Shops Series: Jezalin’s & Arthur Ave Deli

The ethnic and foreign inspired shops scattered through New York’s boroughs offer New Yorkers opportunities to be culinary tourists in their own city.

Jezalin’s is a New York based gift company with a French themed shop located in the Limelight Marketplace. Stepping into the shop was quite like what I’d imagine it would be like to step into a small shop in Paris. The exposed brick walls and overall dim lighting created a warm and interesting mood while the small amount of lighting is used to spotlight and drew attention to the shop’s products.

Located in The Bronx, the Arthur Avenue Deli offers a wide array of Italian goodies. Cheeses hang in interestingly shaped packages and are also displayed on the counters and in the refrigerators as wheels and wedges. Cured meats also hang from the rafters and barrels of olives and dried goods are stored in lovely wooden barrels.

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