27 Creative & Business Development Resources

I knock about the internet quite a bit and read articles about design, photography, business, and a variety of other topics. Listed below are links to some articles that I’ve saved with the intent of reading or re-reading at a later date. I hope you find at least a few of them useful.


A How-To Guide to Getting Started in Real Estate Photography
30 New Tutorials for Manipulating Photos in Photoshop
WordPress for Photographers: Top Tips and Professional Resources
Photoshop Grids
30 Days to Learn Photoshop
10 Super Nice Fresh Free Fonts
40+ Digital Painting Tutorials You Should Study
30 Fresh Web Layout Design Photoshop Tutorials

Web Design & Development

7 Steps to Learning Freelance Web Development
5 Awesome Landing Page Lessons From Real Life Examples
50+ Examples of Highly Optimized Landing Page Design
The Perfect Landing Page. Landing page examples and 12 tips
Landing Pages for PPC
Landing Page Examples
A Simple Device Diagram for Responsive Design Planning

Business Management & Development

Crain’s 40 Under 40 Class of 2012
5 Ways to Find Work as a New Freelancer
Should I Continue Freelancing or Find a Full Time Job?
Ask FreelanceSwitch: Project Management Tools and Finding New Clients
5 Primary Questions to Ask a Potential Client

Social Media

How to Track Social Media Traffic With Google Analytics
How to Track Your Website’s Content on Pinterest
Facebook Timeline Brands Guide
Facebook Timeline: 10 changes your business should prepare for
New Facebook Pages: This Week in Social Media
11 Ways to Maximize Sales With LinkedIn
8 Small Business Social Media Tips From the Pros

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